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RE: The Slut Shaming Going Down In the OUAT tags 

Over Emilie de Ravin’s character Belle wearing a short, sequined dress in the episode they’re currently shooting. The title of  the episode is “Lacey” and there is some speculation that this is Belle’s Storybrooke name.

  1. Short, sequined dresses don’t make people sluts.
  2. Being a slut is not a bad thing. 
  3. The name Lacey ≠ sluttiness/prostitution.
  4. Short, sequined dresses ≠ prostitution.
  5. If a person is a sex worker and that’s their vocation willingly and happily and they’re not forced into the work because of socioeconomic problems than that’s okay. 
  6. Sex work/prostitution is, itself, not evil or bad. 

Belle Goes Finally Goes Full Bad Ass In Once Upon A Time 


Belle, at least the Disney incarnation, is basically every young lonely woman ever. She’s our yearning for adventure. Our expression of the desire to be released from the shackles of expectation. I don’t know a single woman that hasn’t felt at least a littlekinship with her, and until last night the Belle ofOnce Upon A Timewas nothing more than a fragile imitation. A bit of crystal propped up to look like Belle without really being her. Rather than being defined by her personal desires she was defined by Rumple’s love for her.

Then she put on some leather, gave her décolletage a little oomph, and hopped a ride to fairytale China. After that I had mad difficulty deciding what I liked best about Belle. Was it her most excellent condescension towards idiot dudes? Or smashing choice of clothing? Her ability to track a nearly untrackable beast with nothing but a book written in a language she learned on the trip? Or maybe just how she was Disney’s Belle run through the Xena machine.

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