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"It was best early on when Lauren made her single appearance, and taking a page from Arizona Robbins, encouraged her bisexual brunette lover to have patience with the family that hated her. What on earth is up with blond tv lesbians? Between Lauren, Arizona and Pretty Little Liar‘s Samara these ladies be positively saintly. If you’re ever in a situation where you have to debate a room full of bigots and the first ones to lose their tempers DIE then you want a blond tv lesbian on your team because that woman is going to get serene on everyone’s ass and then encourage a little hugging."

Lost Girl Elevates A Ho-Hum Episode With A Stellar Dementia Plotline

Midweek Recap! 

Lost Girl Gets Romantic With Fairy Threesomes and Metaphorical Wolf Wang

ALSO in this episode. Bo and Dyson danced around each others’ sexy parts and a police therapist told Dyson he needed to stop waving his dick around just because he couldn’t sleep with Bo and felt vulnerable. No really. That is what she said. And the dude totally deserved it because he tried to shame her for liking cats, tv dinners and cheap wine.

Mid-Week Recaps! 

Mid-Week Recaps!