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“The Queen is Dead” shines a big blinding light on that unnuanced concept of morality, forcing these two women to defend their stances on what constitutes “good” and finally, finally smudging the lines of Once Upon A Time‘s black and white world.

That was why Emma Swan was so revolutionary early on. She was that bit of gray stuck between the good and evil. She understood and empathized with Regina and Snow’s altruism freaked her out a little. Unfortunately this season has seen her go from this pretty fantastic surly fourteen year old boy in Jennifer Morrison’s body to a caboose on the the plot train.


Snow and Regina Question Good and Evil When Mrs. Patmore Flies Through Once Upon A Time


okay here is the thing


we have collectively as a society already decided it is okay to like malevillains.

-everyone’s favorite part of die hard is hans
-98% of phantom fandom ships phantom/christine
-othello is, essentially, iago’s play
-dracula, hannibal lecter, the joker, hans beckert, patrick batemen, let’s not go crazy here

people make posts and write articles and generally discuss all the time how these men are engaging and the best characters of their canons and darkly sexy and interesting.

and the reason you don’t like cersei lannister— despite being one of the most well-crafted, engaging, fundamental parts of asoiaf— is because she’s a bad person?

lol, okay.

Good thing someone is writing about this.